In 2007, Keller Rotary Club joined local volunteers and committed to help preserve and maintain the Historic Mt. Gilead Cemetery in North Keller.  Located at 1351 Bancroft Road, the cemetery dates back as far as 1854.  Many of Keller’s pioneer families are buried there as well as war veterans of that era from the Mexico Revolution and Civil War to more recent conflicts such as the Korean War.  The cemetery has been maintained by numerous volunteers throughout the years but recently fell into disrepair.  Keller Rotary and the Mt. Gilead Cemetery Association are committed to enhancing the cemetery’s beauty and preserving its history for Keller’s future generations.

In 2009, the Keller Rotary Club completed construction of a stone and wrought iron entrance.  The iron archway was a project of the 2009 Fort Stockton High School welding class.  The stone was donated by local businessman Buddy Roberts of Southwest Brick and Fireplace.

In 2010 completed more wrought iron fencing as well as improvements to the water drainage.  Keller Rotary continues to provide basic and routine maintenance to the grounds, tree lines & property to preserve the cemetery and make it accessible and enjoyable to the general public.

Several local Eagle Scouts have completed service projects as part of their Eagle requirements:

  • 2009 – Dustin Wilde – install stone markers for unmarked gravesites discovered during a radar ground scan
  • 2010 – Zach Clark – constructed a concrete bridge over the creek, replacing a temporary wooden bridge
  • 2010 – Christopher Stroub-tahmassi – Landscaping front entrance and installing a rock walkway
  • 2011 – Alex Alvarenga – replaced 200’ of rusted netwire fence with black nylon coated cyclone
  • 2012 – Josh Clark – plans to build memorial garden & reflection area